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Welcome to the Academy Journal for Academy of Multi-Skills. It is our honour to share with all of you the ideas we had, what we have done for education and vocational sectors and what we achieved for our learners.

But most important part is the feedback and ideas from our scholars, partners, learners, industrial practitioners and readers, through their valuable contribution, we know the world better, we know the industries better and we know what we should do better. SO, LET's SHARE !!!

AMS journal


November 2016


1. AMS - TQUK Approved Centre
2. Lifelong Learning
3. Code of Ethics of Internal Auditors
4. The Subconscious Mind - Your Inbuilt Computer
5. Difference: The Talent Marker and Maker
6. Doctorate Fellow Awardee in 2016

March 2017


1. AMS - TQUK Approved Centre
Financing mechanisms for public-private-partnership in the public health sector in developing countries

3. Level 6 Diploma in Business Management

4. Doctorate Fellow Awardee in 2017

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