AMS (United Kingdom)

The Academy of Multi-Skills (AMS) is registered as a Professional Institute (Registration No.: 05763364).

It is the leading institution in multi-skills since Year 1995 with over 15,000 memberships worldwide.

  • Registered with UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) (UKPRN: 10036144)
  • Member of the Confederation of Professional Awarding Bodies (COPAB)
  • Listed as a British Professional Body and Financial Institution on
  • Listed in British Qualifications
  • Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) Approved Centre (Centre No.: C000327)
  • Recognized by Commission of Higher Education, Republic of the Philippines as UK qualification provider

*** Professional Doctorate Diploma holder could apply for the Top-up DSc in Strategic Management from Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN), a member of ODAEE and IAU and GUIDE and signatory to the Earth Charter International UNESCO Chair



To Bring Achievable Recognition to Multi-skilled Personnel, Skilled Trades, Crafts and Professions

  • To encourage a positive and energetic attitude to the challenges of careers that require diversity, creativity and intellect.
  • To help members achieve their personal aspirations, fullfil their career ambitions and develop their innate potential.
  • To support lifelong learning and encourage education in skilled professions.
  • To give professional recognition to those who provide a valuable contribution to society

We Have Over 30 Professional Designations for Your Success

BROCHURE for Professional


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